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Steps to becoming licensed with FACCT:


1 - Become a member of FACCT - The first step is to apply for membership - see Become a Member and download membership application, complete form, and mail with appropriate fee to  Dr. Rodney Paige (address on form).


2 - Requirements for license - Degrees and training appropriate for license desired and 30 credit hours of Bible classes or equivalent are required for all FACCT licenses.   Membership in FACCT also is required.


3 - Pre-application - Once you have received your membership certificate, you may submit a pre-application for licensure or certification. This will allow the licensure board to look over your credentials and advise you about licensing with FACCT. See FACCT Licensing and download pre-application form, complete and mail with $35 (non-refundable administrative fee) to Dr. Buddy Morrow (address on form).


4 - Apply for license - After consulting with the licensure board, you will need to submit  the complete application for license or certification which you will download from this site. Complete and mail application to Dr. Morrow and the licensure board along with appropriate fee. 


Note: License fees vary depending on the certification or license requested.   



FACCT Monument & Building Dedication Ceremony














                                            January 25, 2014


Sad News


It is with great sorrow that we inform you that our founder, Dr. Nussbaumer, has been diagnosed with Leukemia (CLL) and will be turning over the Presidency to Dr. “Buddy” Morrow.


Dr. Nussbaumer, when asked what can we do, had only two requests.  One, pray and two, that we would gain 300 new members before The Lord takes him.  The only cure for CLL is a miracle from God.